Readymag: Bringing Bold and Fabulous Ideas to Life

Diana Kasay, Co-founder and CEO of Readymag

by Elizabeth Lavis


17 Jan 2024

Digital Design of the Year 2023
“Receiving an award from the design community is a moment to celebrate your talent, passion, and creativity. Embrace it with pride!”

Readymag is changing the web game by allowing designers to be limited only by their imagination through an easy-to-operate, drag-and-drop interface that almost removes coding from the equation. “At its core, Readymag is a design tool that lets you create websites without getting tangled up in code,” says Diana Kasay, Readymag Co-founder and CEO. “With Readymag, designers can build almost anything for the web- from landing pages and editorials to presentations, pitches, portfolios and prototypes.”

Readymag takes the guesswork out of web design by vaporizing layout limitations and providing a comprehensive and exciting suite of animations and typography. The result is a sophisticated and artistic-looking website with precisely zero coding skills needed. Powerful elements of the Readymag toolkit include the ability to turn video or image sequences into stills, custom cursors, and state-of-the-art animations that seamlessly blend into any layout.

This tool is fast becoming a go-to for creatives because it can bring their bold and fabulous ideas to life in a flash. “Every time I open the Examples section on Readymag’s website, I am amazed by the truly breathtaking and exceptionally eye-catching websites accomplished through us,” Kasay says.

Readymag is in its tenth year of service and recently hit a record milestone of three million websites. Kasay credits its boundless design options and host of features for the design tool’s popularity. “Users have the freedom to experiment with layouts, delve into endless animations, and take complete control of the typography,” she says. “It’s essentially a playground for creative minds.”

Readymag’s services are also scalable, with Personal plans for individual designers or those seeking to create a smashing portfolio. The Studio and Business plans can accommodate more players and give you access to a broader field of creative and business features.

"Readymag" digital tool by Readymag

From helping launch branded, long-read editorial content for digital magazines like Complex to aiding Atlas Obscura’s sister publication, Gastro Obscura, in making a stunning, color-saturated debut, Readymag is a versatile and rapid tool with impressive results. It’s also perfectly poised for collaboration, with a simple interface that works in real-time. “You can easily invite creators to collaborate, leave comments directly within the editor, and safeguard your design from unintended changes using our special layout locked mode,” Kasay says.  

Users can also tap into the Readymag Forum, a treasure trove of advice and information and a great space to bounce ideas off other like-minded creatives. Plus, there’s 24-hour email support during the business week and plenty of easy-to-understand video tutorials to guide newbies through every step of the process.

Readymag is also an outstanding corporate citizen with a user community spanning more than 95 countries. It’s utilized by industry leaders such as Amazon, Airbnb, and Skyscanner and has plenty of success stories and unique collaborations. “There’s the story of Argyle, a fintech company specializing in consumer permission access to income data, which embarked on a unique fundraising journey in 2022,” Kasay says. With the help of Readymag, Argyle was able to diverge from a conventional pitch deck and create a cinematic, interactive website experience. It paid off, playing a pivotal role in securing a $55 million Series B investment.

Readymag is heavily involved in fostering notable collaborations in the design industry. “We actively partner with design organizations on editorials,” Kasay says. “One notable example is a web project titled “The Faces Behind Typefaces.” It features insightful conversations with typographers who have contributed to the creative field, including Paula Scher, Paul Rand, Gerald Unger, Ed Benguiat, Rubén Fontana, Emigre, and Adrian Frutiger.” This project won an Indigo Award and Red Dot in 2023 and was nominated for a Webby that same year. 

Kasay and the Readymag team also have some advice for future and current Indigo Design Award recipients. “Receiving an award from the design community is a moment to celebrate your talent, passion, and creativity,” she says. “Embrace it with pride!”

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