Luck Comes From Hard Work

Creative Designer of BEAT

by Elizabeth Lavis


13 Jul 2023

Gold in Book Design for Graphic Design 2020
“I take a lot of inspiration from my home country Indonesia, where the rich cultures and history are diverse”

Indonesia-born and based Enrico Putra Widjaja specializes in branding, layout and publication, and print material, with a special enthusiasm for creating irresistible and dynamic brands. With carefully selected visuals and a profoundly professional process, Widjaja hones in on branding identity and provides a fresh face for companies in all different sectors using inspiration from his roots. “My creative passion drives me to create great and thoughtful visuals,” he says. “I take a lot of inspiration from my home country, Indonesia, where the rich cultures and history are diverse.”

Firmly believing that we make our own fortunes, and the power of being realistic, Widjaja has already managed to excel in his field, netting several accolades, including two Indigo Design Awards. “The best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard are that life is about managing expectations, and luck comes from hard work,” he says. 

The good, The bad, The internet

In addition to putting himself to the task of engineering fantastic results and moving brand identities, Widjaja also draws on different influences to help him hone his design. “I’m inspired by legends in the design industry such as Michael Beirut, Stefan Sagmeister, and Paul Rand,” he says. “Notably, Pan Lim and Irma Boom have influenced my work greatly as well.” Widjaja also spends plenty of time brainstorming and browsing different websites to sharpen his skills and stay on top of trends.

Widjaja’s approach to design is straightforward. “It’s vernacular, simple, and bold,” he says. The process begins with plenty of preliminary research and brainstorming to get the vision just right. Then come first sketches, a more evolved concept, prototypes, and the final artwork. Widjaja loves the flexibility and ability to stretch his imagination, as well as inspire others with his vision. “What I enjoy most about my work is the creative freedom I get as a graphic designer and how my ideas can influence other people,” he says.

Widjaja occasionally clashes with clients, especially in instances of visions not matching up perfectly, but he takes it in stride and sees it as an opportunity to improve himself. “Receiving harsh criticism is just part of being a designer,” he says. “I believe that by understanding the client better from their perspective, we can find a good way to move forward.”

He also makes sure to take time out to recharge and better handle the pressures that come with the job. “I rest once in a while and let things around me inspire me, be it a book, music, or work from other designers,” he says. Widjaja is also passionate about food, history, and technology, all of which give him a welcome distraction when he needs one. Widjaja believes that skills, determination, and a full stomach are the ultimate keys to great design, and from what he’s done so far, it seems like the formula is working.

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