A Company Called Convey: Interview with UX Designing Director Jonathan Chan

A Digital Director @ Convey

by Christina Lauren


11 Oct 2018

Gold in Website Design 2018
Convey is a human-centred UX studio. That believes in creating seamless flow of opportunities to help stakeholders achieve their goals, with the end user in mind.

Meet Jonathan, a digital director of a quirky startup called Convey. Quirky, as in fun, since these guys boast as much personality as professional capability in their webpage alone. The main display features funky boomerang clips of coordinated dance-offs and downtime diner munchie moments. Among the entertainment, readers can find an honest and heartfelt philosophy that introduces the team and what they are all about: “An all-in-one digital unit with just the right balance of fun, thoughtfulness, and outstanding dress sense.” What do they do? We “live to transform digital interfaces into meaningful interactions with purpose,” the members claim. This is the heart of a UX designer. According to Jonathan, who speaks on behalf of Convey, the company is a “human-centered UX studio that believes in creating a seamless flow of opportunities in order to help stakeholders achieve their goal.” Without passion and the will to help others succeed, Convey wouldn’t be here today. The team consists of “key members whose various backgrounds compliment their self-taught UX/UI knowledge, in order to help send the message across this digital realm,” Jonathan says. In other words, the user experience is the future of branding, and UX professionals excel in a realm where user-centered design outshines mechanics. With tools like logo and color display suddenly dominated by experience, the overall opinion lies in the eye of its beholder (the user). This is why teams like Convey are in such high demand.


This new age approach to branding is exactly how Convey operates. “Understanding the people′s mindset is what sets the tone for the creative direction & UI in the design,” Jonathan says. But Convey had to start somewhere. When asked about the biggest influence on their way of thinking, the brander states: “It is the experience and challenges in our lives that make the biggest impact on our way of thinking; [that experience] then affects our approaches.” The team stays on top of the latest tech trends in the industry: “We are at a crossroad of designing for humans with the domination by robots. [Our goal] is to make interacting with robots a more human experience.” And what’s the end goal, we ask? According to Jonathan, “to design something for the stakeholder that benefits all and makes (them and the team), happy." To do so while staying creative under the cracks of pressure, the key is their “hunger to tackle the problem with steps emplaced to help find a solution with few iterations ‘till we get it right!” says the digital director. A personal, as well as a professional goal for the design team, is to: “Preach, and reach the rest of the world with Convey!” Jonathan says. Such down to earth guys must have fun in their off time. When asked what they are passionate about besides work, Jonathan replies: “We like our drinks, some marathon running, food hunting and photography.” And when not enjoying drinks and serious runs, the guys behind Convey find pleasure in working with their clients and the rest of the staff. After all, “Convey was born with the passion and intent to help others,” says Jonathan.

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