Lisa Liljenberg & Nathalie Anna Gill: Beauty in Minimalism

Swedish NGO Unite 2 Learn campaign

by Elizabeth Lavis


06 Nov 2022

Gold in Illustration for Social Change 2021
“When in doubt, be yourself”.

Close friends and design dream team Lisa Liljenberg and Nathalie Anna Gill teamed up to work on the Swedish NGO Unite 2 Learn campaign designed to foster education and expand human rights in Tanzania. The project was a good use of both skill sets; Liljenberg's experience as an Art and Design Director and Gill’s illustration background.

The project was a good use of both skill sets; Liljenberg's experience as an Art and Design Director and Gill’s illustration background.
Sweden-born Liljenberg and Gill both live in Stockholm and are heavily influenced by Scandinavian minimalism. “This (minimalism) has an aesthetic effect on both of us in our designs,” they say. “We do enjoy simplicity and attention to detail.” 


Both Gill and Liljenberg have deep creative roots that go back to childhood. “Lisa has always been driven by creativity and visual communication and marketing within the fashion industry,” they say. “She started with photography, which developed into marketing, and finally studied at the award-winning Berghs School of Communication. This is where she decided to dedicate her work to what she enjoys the most; concept development and brand building.”

Similarly, Nathalie was bitten by the creative bug as a child, drawing voraciously throughout her formative years. “Years later, her biggest passions in life are still illustrating and creating,” they say. “Today, she dedicates herself full-time to her own brand.”

Driven by the desire to create beautiful, impactful design and Simon Sinek’s sage advice of “when in doubt, be yourself,” Gill and Liljenberg love to see how creative ideas come to life and the flexibility and freedom that comes from being their own bosses. 

Although the creative process varies from client to client, generally, Liljenberg and Gill begin their design process by sourcing inspiration and creating mood boards that reflect the mission and goal of the end project. 

“In this specific project for Unite 2 Learn, we began with the Double Diamond method,” they say. “We first came up with as many ideas as possible and narrowed them down. Then, we developed those ideas further and finally came up with something we felt truly aligned with the organization and its tonality.”

The process worked, yielding an award-winning design that Gill and Liljenberg are most proud of to date. When they’re not making exquisite designs and collaborating together, Liljenberg loves delving into sustainable fashion and following her favorite stars on IMDB. She’s also a wine connoisseur who loves sampling her favorite vintages.

Gill derives her joy from singing, dancing, and playing The Sims. In addition to their fantastic work on Unite 2 Learn’s calendar, Liljenberg and Gill have plenty of other cool projects on the horizon. “Nathalie is at this moment working on a book,” they say. “Lisa is the Art Director, of course.”

While Gill is gearing up to be a published author, Liljenberg's future goals hinge on one of her previous passions; photography. She would love to direct a photoshoot on a New York City or Tokyo rooftop. So whether collaborating for a great cause or working independently on fascinating projects, we can expect to see many more great things from Liljenberg and Gill.

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