Sergei Evdokimov: Learn Something New Everyday

UI/UX and Product Designer of Trafficcino

by Elizabeth Lavis


31 Oct 2023

Gold Winner in UX, Interface & Navigation 2023
“I’ve taken courses in UX, visual graphics and webflow, but I’m mostly self-taught.

Sergei Evdokimov, a multidisciplinary designer focusing on UX for Trafficcino, believes in learning something new every day and fully immersing yourself in the process. “If you start doing something, you need to get fully involved,” he says. “You become happy only when you achieve something; these achievements are impossible without development.” 

Russian-born Evdokimov comes from Rostov on Don, where he discovered a passion for drawing in childhood. “When I was a kid, I wanted to be an artist,” he says. “I loved joking around with my friends and drawing memes with Photoshop. I didn’t know that web design was a profession. I was just fooling around. At some point, I learned more about the design industry and how to make beautiful website graphics.” 

Evdokimov fell in love with design and started exploring ways to create more complex and intuitive interfaces. He also enhanced his skills through a mixture of informal and formal learning. “I’ve taken courses in UX, visual graphics, and webflow, but I’m mostly self-taught,” he says. 

His design process is initially research-heavy, and Evdokimov strives to learn everything he can about the client’s target audience and competitors. “Identifying the end customer’s pain points and forming hypotheses is key,” he says. “I work on prototyping and testing the interface on users.” Evdokimov also works with a lot of A/B and usability testing to see which design layouts create the perfect solution.

"Trafficcino SaaS for SMB brands", Sergei Evdokimov

His work entirely centers the user experience, balancing strategy and creativity with flawless function. “The first thing to think about is the user-friendliness of the interface,” he says. “Creativity has no limits, and design can be improved throughout the product cycle, but it’s important to look at the numbers and measure user behavior. We can’t get distracted from the main object: that the product you are working on must satisfy the user’s needs.” 

Evdokimov believes in total transparency to build rapport and put the client at ease. “I put together a presentation and description of an idea, which allows me to show the process,” he says. He keeps his project load organized by prioritizing his tasks and delegating some processes to AI while switching between projects and disciplines to keep his creativity and focus on the point. “In addition to UI design, I also like to model illustrations in Blender 3D and develop Webflow projects,” he says.

His commitment to continuously improving and evolving keeps him endlessly curious about the trajectory of design and unafraid to delve into new areas. “The best piece of advice I’ve ever heard is that it’s never too late to start learning something new,” he says. “I read a lot of articles about design, track trends in large companies, and participate as a jury member in many competitions.”

When he’s not striving for excellence and expanding his skill set at work, Evdokimov takes a balanced approach to life, always setting aside time for sports, amusement, and entertainment. “Arranging my days allows me to avoid burnout at work and be more effective in the long run,” he says.

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