Andreas Panagiotopoulos

Creative Director & Strategist

I am a digital creative director / strategist with a genuine interest in well-placed pixels and functioning brand communication. In my so far career, I had the opportunity to work at advertising agencies like Forsman & Bodenfors, and digital powerhouses like DigitasLbi and CP+B on a series of clients including Volvo Trucks, Volvo Cars, SCA, Mini, Swedish Radio, Scania, E.ON, Carlsberg, Volvo Trucks, JKL and SKF among others. I am hailing from Greece but left the country just before the outburst of the crisis and the calamities that came with it. Today, I have made my home in rainy Gothenburg, Sweden, where I live with my partner and our three-year-old son. I have been mingling with the web for over fifteen years now since the best thing it had to offer was a quirky flash site. Since my early days as a designer, I learned of the importance of a compelling story, which outweighs the medium. Having business and design background in my luggage, placed me quite early in a position where I could hold a holistic view of the creative work, understand why things work the way they do and ask the question: “how can we do this better?” Today, I operate in the crossroads where strategy meets creativity and together forge a multi-faceted ecosystem who’s central joint is the World Wide Web. Currently employed at Forsman & Bodenfors Inhouse and running brand experience shop Uncloudy & Co. I am fascinated by the cultural differences between the countries I visit or I live in, and how these affect the arts and crafts, and the approach of people to design. I also draw daily inspiration from people who decide to go against the current and challenge the status quo of things, always achieving something new in the process.

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