Eugene Lazebny

CEO & UX/UI Designer Tapteek

Eugene is a UX/UI designer with more than 14 years of experience focused on designing and building high quality software that people love to use. I helped a lot of big corporations and small startups from all over the world develop and launch awesome products. I have worked on many amazing projects and helped change the approach to user experience and UI design in banking. In 2017 founded Tapteek based in Russia, where I'm currently working as a CEO and UX/UI Designer. We have designed and launched our own products that are very often gets featured on the App Store and Google Play like App and Game of the week. In 2018 I was invited by a high school to speak to students about the value of their potential and the ability to use modern technology to create new and useful products. In 2019, I presented my product at an exhibition at Saatchi Gallery in London.

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