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Where Art Meets Altruism: Design for Social Change

These designers have cemented themselves as allies, authorities, and ambassadors of social change- making their vital mark on the world.

The Shape of Zen: Design Excellence in the Wellness Industry

Whether it’s finding the secret to serenity through CBD or cannabis derivatives, jumpstarting health with supplements and superfoods, or diving headfirst into the whole holistic experience, people are seeking harder than ever before.

Interview with Wenjia Zong

Creative Manager of Limvi Studio

“Professionally, I want to seek a balance between a design to be invoiced and a design for myself”.

Brilliant Branding: Inspired Designs That Shine

Indigo Design Award has an entire category devoted to brilliant branding that helps companies level up!

Interview with Kinda Ghannoum

Freelance graphic designer

“People with great passion can make the impossible happen.”

6 Indigo Juror Instagrams To Follow For Fresh Inspiration

You know that you’re going to scroll through your Insta feed anyway, so why not make it productive?

Making the Mundane Magical

The ability to draw inspiration from everyday objects separates the real visionaries from the rest of the pack. We’ve been fortunate enough to have incredible creators submit work to Indigo Design Award, and compiled a list of our favorites.

Interview with Albert Salamon

CEO at ttmm

“Design for me is a way of structuring and ordering form, adding proper meaning, and endowing it with a kind of mystery”.

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