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Interview with Sophie Taylor

Design Director, Chello

“The role of a designer is to develop creative solutions to problems, whether marketing, packaging, or business problems.”

Interview with Lisa Lijenberg & Nathalie Anna Gill

Swedish NGO Unite 2 Learn campaign

“When in doubt, be yourself”.

Interview with Becky Gillis

Senior Designer, Chello

“It’s rewarding and exciting being able to turn a client’s vision into reality and see both digital and physical transformations.”

Interview with Amer Alissa

Graphic Designer

"When you have a talent, you should be responsible for it. You must work on it and develop it every day, all the time."

Interview with Adrianna Bilas

Creative Direction

“The best pieces of work are created when we stand for something. It’s impossible to stay truly neutral.”

Interview with Miranda Mora

Freelance Graphic Designer

“One of my long-term dreams is to create a design school in Mexico City to help young national designers with incredible talent get recognition and create fantastic work”

Interview with Elif Ergur

Owner of Elif Ergur Studio

"A great idea is nothing without great execution and vice versa".

Interview with Vilia Ingriany

Co-founder and product strategy and design lead at Sixty Two

Growing up in Southeast Asia and working as a designer in North America gave me an interesting perspective on being adaptable as a designer and ensuring that we’re designing solutions effectively for diverse cultures and contexts.

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