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Interview with Belfug Sener

Senior User Experience Designer at Motorola Solutions

“I like to observe how end-users engage with the product by themselves”

Interview with Maria Bilinska

Freelance designer and Illustrator

“Good design is the most minimal design possible”

Interview with Mark Garcia

Vice President and Creative Director of Majestyk

“I’m always thinking of creative solutions to simple problems in our day-to-day life and how we can design those experiences better.”

Interview with Damjan Krajacic

Principal and Creative Director at ActiveColor

There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that a product you designed and built had such a positive impact on humanity.

Interview with Jacob Beckett

Executive Creative Director of Multivitamin Design Studios

“The Indigo Design Awards are validation for the hard work we put in. You definitely help curtail imposter syndrome and spur us on to do our work even further, and anyone who tells you that winning awards doesn’t feel nice is a liar.”

Interview with Lisa Winstanley

Designer and Assistant Professor at the School of Art, Design & Media in Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University

“It’s important for me to try to make positive changes to society through design, or at the very least do no harm. Empathy is always my starting point.”

Interview with Simon Khalil

Creative Director of Arab News

"I've always been fascinated and excited about the relationship between powerful words and powerful visuals." 

Interview with Vanessa Castiglione

Graphic Designer

“The most rewarding part of my work is collaborating with clients and seeing their visions come to life.”

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