2023 Indigo Award in Georgia - the country, not the state :)

Tbilisi, Georgia


25 May 2023


Pre-pandemic, the Indigo team has organized annual award ceremonies in top-notch locations worldwide so that our honorees could accept their hard-earned awards in style. The venue does not disappoint this year as our upcoming 2023 ceremony participants will gather in a very historical and unusual location. 

Join us for this year's Indigo Design Award ceremony in stunning, cosmopolitan, and up-and-coming Tbilisi, Georgia. Instead of tractor pulls and peach cobblers, original Georgia is full of delicious wine, breathtaking scenery, and yummy plates of steaming khinkali. Explore this lovely city that sits right on the cusp of Europe and Asia while you hobnob with some of the hottest innovative designers in the world. We promise that you will fall just as much in love with Tbilisi as we are. Plan to visit us in the jewel of Georgia this May for a spectacular event in a top-notch city.

2018 kicked off Indigo's first-ever event, a memorable gala held in the sparkling epicenter of Tokyo. Davide Colla, CEO and founder of 150UP discusses his experience in taking home the award for Website Design of the Year. "Bringing home the first award in a prestigious international competition was an honor that inspired us to look beyond and start a new journey – made of bigger ideas, major inspirations, and outstanding works," he says. 

In 2019, we stepped up our game and threw a party in Costa-del-Sol Spain, a Mediterranean beach town famed for its marble boulevards and castle fortress lining the sea. It was here that the city center's iconic Picasso Museum welcomed 110 winners from all over the world. A panel of 32 jury members has made timeless contributions to the realm of digital design. The panel included product designers, engineers, creative directors, type designers, art designers, and others dedicated to choosing the year's most notable works. 

Georgia, the country- not the state- is one of the hottest hubs for digital nomads, and capital city Tbilisi is its beating heart, which is why we've decided to host this year's Indigo Design Award right in the middle of it all. Join us for a fantastic, cosmopolitan ceremony and mingle with some of the top designers in the world. Plus, you'll get to experience famous Georgian hospitality, hit the hiking trails, and learn why everyone who visits Georgia falls in love.

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