Clear and Constant Communication

Branding Partner of Ivan Khanet Studio

by Elizabeth Lavis


17 Aug 2023

Gold Winner in Logos for Graphic Design 2022
“Design is a creative and strategic process that seeks unique and effective solutions to meet client objectives”

Ivan Khanet is the self-titled Creative Dude and Branding Partner of Ivan Khanet Studio who sees design and his design work as a way of life. “I am passionate about my work and enjoy every process. If a project does not make me proud or excite me, I simply don’t accept it. I can’t compromise my passion or my creative professionalism for money. Passion and professionalism are the wings that make my creativity fly. Without them, I prefer not to start the flight.”

Khanet also values transparent and open dialogue with his clients, allowing him to stay apprised of their needs and expectations at all times. Doing so fosters professional trust and allows the client to understand that Khanet’s commitment is to help them achieve their goals. “I am in constant communication with my clients, and I divide the project into phases to avoid feedback that forces me to start from scratch,” Khanet says. “From the beginning of the campaign, the client and designer are clear about our roles, and we work as a team. The client has the objectives; I have the ability to shape them. The client sets the destination; the art director creates the right path.”  

Khanet was born in Menorca, Spain, which proved an exceptional place to stretch his creative wings. His later studies in Barcelona added the technique and professional skill necessary to become a designer, and a series of early awards, including the Renault Design contest, cemented his love of the craft.  

Hospital Mateu Orfila

Khanet straddles the balance between strategy and creativity well by organizing all his projects in an annual planner. “I segment and organize the tasks by months, weeks, and days,” he says. “I prioritize and delegate based on the importance or urgency of each task and always try to leave some hours or days free to enjoy life and have time for myself and loved ones.”

He also doesn’t believe in forcing the creative process, preferring to take his time to get the correct result. “Creativity is like love; it always flourishes in the presence of ideal company. If I get blocked, I try to disconnect, take a walk, or meet someone. If I’m not 100 percent sure of the result of a project and I need more time, I always let the client know,” he says.

Khanet aims to create design that clearly and effectively transmits the client’s identity and defined values. “Design is a creative and strategic process that seeks unique and effective solutions to meet client objectives,” he says. “I always try to give a personal touch to my designs, but without losing the main focus.”

He also takes harsh criticism in stride, seeing it as vital for professional growth. “As an art director, I gratefully receive critiques that will help me improve the project,” he says. “I maintain a respectful posture and explain the approach and reasoning behind my creative solutions.”

Design is just one of Khanet’s passions. He also has a deep love of listening to, composing, and playing music, and would love to dine with 1970’s Pink Floyd if he could have dinner with one influential group, alive or dead. Additionally, Khanet is experimenting with other ways to foster his personal growth. “I’ve just started to get into cosmology, so let’s see where it takes me,” he says.

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